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.NET-Blogs Archiv Oktober 2007

Microsoft TechTalk zu Besuch bei "Bonn-to-Code.Net"

31.10.2007 18:33:00 | Roland Weigelt

Am 20.11. findet an Stelle des üblichen User-Treffens der Bonner .NET User Group ein Microsoft TechTalk mit dem Titel “Übersicht zum Expression Studio” in den Räumen der Comma Soft AG statt. Anders als sonst beginnt die Veranstaltung bereits um 18:00, auch ist dieses Mal eine (kostenlose) Anmeldung erforderlich.

Anmeldung und weitere Infos bei Microsoft, eine ausführliche Beschreibung der Anfahrt gibt es auf der Website von Bonn-to-Code.Net.

Also: Anmelden nicht vergessen!

Goodbye Aachen, Hello Hamburg

29.10.2007 12:02:00 | Thomas Freudenberg

Cycos After more than 8 years I´ll leave my current employer Cycos by the end of this year. Starting 1/1/08 I'll work as a Senior Software Developer at Proximity (international website.)

Cycos is my first employer, I started here right after university in 1999. Originally I didn't plan to stay that long here but 5 years at maximum. However, because the work was so diversified and the working atmosphere so prolific, I stayed some years longer.Proximity E.g. I was delegated to Munich and San Jose (CA) for several month each, and they paid me the attendances and expenses for both PDC´03 and ´05 in LA. In other words, I can´t accuse myself of being inflexible or inmobil. And it was always fun working at Cycos. I´ll be contended if the working atmosphere at my new job is half as prolific as I got to know it in the past.

However, after 8 years it´s time for a change. Most of my time at Cycos I wrote proprietary software, mainly clients for computer telephony integration. In contrast, at Proximity I will leverage Microsoft products such as MOSS and BizTalk, i.e. areas I don´t have a clue about where I can gain experience. But don´t get me wrong, I´m really looking forward for the new job.

And I´m not only changing the employer, but the town as well. I´ll move to Hamburg, which is 500 km away from Würselen/Aachen (for my American friends: that´s about 310 miles). Therefore the search of a new domicile has my highest priority at the moment. I have 18 paid leave days left, and I want to complete my relocation this year. So this blog will stay quite silent the next few weeks. But stay tuned, I´ll keep you informed.


08.10.2007 13:23:00 | Thomas Freudenberg

Now Germany has its own Mix conference, though here Microsoft calls it Xtopia. It will cover Silverlight, WPF, the Expression suite, and much more. It will take place in Berlin from 10th to 12th of October (if you include the post-conference on Friday).

I'll go to Berlin tomorrow already, and stay until Saturday. My Hotel is the Quality Hotel & Suites Berlin City East. If you want to join me for a beer or two, drop me a line or call me at +49 (173) 285 21 81. Lars, I'm expecting your call.

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