ASP.Net MVC 1.0 RC

About a half year ago I read first time about ASP.Net MVC implementation. Cause I started web development with JavaServlets and JSP some years ago. I was very glad, that a Microsoft bring some MVC support for ASP.Net in Visual Studio.

Programming with the beta releases wasn't as funny as I thought first, each new beta maiks the code created on previous versions fail or hang.

I hope these times are gone, cause ASP.Net MVC RC 1 just released. First off all I advise you to read Scott's article which shows all new features included in RC 1, there are some nice Visual Studio improvements which were shipped with RC 1.

Scott's article is available here.

Next landing page for you will be, which is the official Microsoft website for all things around ASP.Net MVC. On the official site you can find the essential downloads for using ASP.Net MVC, some tutorials, videos and a ASP.Net MVC forum is there too.

Now with release of RC 1 my blog will get a new category only for MVC stuff, I think there will be some posts in future :D


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Published Montag, 2. Februar 2009 10:34 von ThorstenHans
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